Air Force Dauntless Datacards

PDF datacard files.

Spanish Civil War
I-16 and I-15
Potez 540 and SB-2
He-51 and CR-32
He-112 and Me-109C
Ju-86D and He-111B
Ju-52 and Me-323

Polish and Dutch Aircraft
by Mike Zimmerman

PZL P11C and PZL P37B
PZL P.23B and Boeing P-26
Fokker D-XXI and G-I

Japanese Aircraft from The General Vol. 23 #1 by Leighton Kato

J1N1 "Irving" and Ki-100
Ki-100 and J2M3 "Jack" This Ki-100 is my version.

Italian and German Aircraft from The AF/D Society Newsletter

Do-335 and Hawk 75
G-55 and MC-205
The Do-335 is by Andy Johnson and the MC-205 is by Mike Telson.

Tacky Newsletter

Wirraway and Boomerang
The Wirraway is by Bill Retoff from an issue of The Tacky Newsletter and the Boomerang is by me based on the Wirraway.

Other Datacards by me unless stated otherwise.

Ki-27 "Nate" and FM-2 "Wildcat"
Ki-43-IIB "Oscar" and Blenheim IV by Mike Telson.
B-17D and B-32
P-35 and Defiant I
YFM-1 and Hudson
P-40E/F/K and P-39N/Q
P-47M/N and P-51H
ME-109G-10 and FW-190A-3
ME-163 and AR-234
He-162 and Ta-152

Notes: Most of these are extrapolation of datacards in Air Force, Dauntless or the expansion kit. Ones that don't have a earier or later version in AF, DL or the Exp kit were more or less guesstimated. The speeds and climb rates are right on.

PDF Counters.

Spanish Civil War Nationalist counters.
Spanish Civil War Republican counters.
Early war Polish and Dutch counters.
Early war Australian and US counters.
Late warJapanese and Italian counters.
Late warGerman counters.

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